Ratepayers Association of the ACT Inc.

The Ratepayers Association of the ACT Incorporated is a non-profit voluntary organisation which involves itself with matters concerning ACT residential ratepayers since 1991.


Our main issues currently concerning us are ;


      1.  Property rates and taxes have more than tripled, and continue upwards 

            Revenue neutrality was a lie and has never been verified


       2.  Tenant taxes, & some tenancy law changes a disaster for tenants


       3.  We have the highest property rates and land taxes in Australia,

            and the highest rents,  our Labor / Greens government doesn't see the connection 


       4.  The NSW government is about to abolish stamp duties totally in one go. All property buyers will have the choice of               paying stamp duty or a yearly land tax, it will be  revenue neutral from day 1


     Let us know what you think. Are you happy to be paying higher property rates, land taxes, rents, and levies ?